Naturalens MINI Scleral

Customizing Scleral Lenses Just Got Easier

Parameters Needed
Spectacle Refraction
Topography (Axial, Elevation)
3 Empirical Methods:
Best Fit Sphere, Sag @ Chord, ACD
- OR -
Trial Lens Evaluation

Laser Limbal Rings

Our advanced laser limbal rings circumscribe the Limbal Zone, allowing you to easily evaluate the centration and diameter of the lens. These diagnostic rings provide a reliable guide for ensuring the correct lens size for each patient, enabling you to make targeted adjustments to specific sections of the lens with confidence, knowing that they will affect the intended area.

Easily Adjust 4 Zones

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the Naturalens Scleral! This lens design allows you to adjust each of the 4 zones independently. No longer will you have to compromise on the overall lens design when making specific adjustments, as our product lets you fine-tune individual zones with ease.

Tangible Science – Hydra-PEG

Tangible™ Hydra-PEG is a breakthrough contact lens coating designed to solve contact lens discomfort by:

  • Improving wettability
  • Increasing lens surface water retention
  • Increasing lubricity/smooth feeling of the lens
  • Minimizing deposits and lens fogging

Multifocal Design

Multifocal Design

The 4-zone multifocal design alleviates the problem of glare and starbursts caused by night lights. With the addition of a secondary distance zone, you can enjoy clearer vision and enhanced visibility while driving at night.


Cornea Style
Dry Eye Syndrome
Design Type
Lens Parameters
Base Curve – ANY
Sphere Power – ANY
Cylinder Power – ANY
Axis – ANY
Diameter – 13.8 – 15.5mm
(LZ) Limbal – Increase/Decrease
(50um Steps)
(HZ) Haptic Zone – 5 Flat/Steep
(0.5 Steps)

Helpful Videos

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Naturalens MINI Scleral Fitting Set 

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  • 16 Lenses
  • 14.2mm and 14.9mm diameters
  • 3 lift options
    • 1 Flat
    • 1 Steep
    • Toric (1 Flat / 1 Steep)
  • Simplified fitting guide