VIP Cone


We got you covered!

Parameters Needed
Spectacle Refraction
Topography (Axial, Elevation)
- OR -
Trial Lens Evaluation

VIP Technology

Variable Inverse Peripheral Technology offers the perfect fit and creates a better tear layer making the lens design far more comfortable than standard lenses.

VIP Cone Design

By using a smaller optic zone in combination with VIP Technology, the VIP Cone simplifies fitting for your central and nipple cone patients.


Cornea Type
Central Keratoconus
Design Type
Lens Parameters
Base Curve – ANY
Sphere Power – ANY
Cylinder Power – ANY
Axis – ANY
Diameter – 7.0 - 10mm
Edge Lift – 5 Flat - 5 Steep

Recommended Solutions

Tangible Clean

Multipurpose Cleaner

Tangible Clean Image

Sereine GP Cleaner

GP Cleaner

Sereine GP Cleaner Image

VIP Cone Fitting Set

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  • 22 diagnostic lenses
  • 8.4 and 9.0 diameters
  • 22 base curves
  • Adjustable edge lift
  • Simplified fitting design
  • VIP Technology for better comfort