Translating Vision into Reality

Parameters Needed
Spectacle Refraction
Topography (Axial, Elevation)
Add Power
- OR -
Naturalens GP Trial Fitting

VIP Technology

Variable Inverse Peripheral Technology offers the perfect fit and creates a better tear layer making the lens design far more comfortable than standard lenses.

Segmented Bi-Focal Design

The design translates from distance to near effectively while allowing the freedom to customize the lens to the patient’s needs. A prism ballast ensures rotational stability for reliable vision.


Cornea Style
Normal Presbyiopic
Design Type
Sphere Bifocal
Lens Parameters
Base Curve – ANY
Sphere Power – ANY
Cylinder Power – ANY
Axis – ANY
Diameter – 9.3 - 11.0mm
Add Power – up to +3.50
Edge Lift – 7 Flat - 4 Steep
Truncation Available

Tangible Clean

Multipurpose Cleaner

Tangible Clean Image

Sereine GP Cleaner

GP Cleaner

Sereine GP Cleaner Image